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Backwoods Ballers Win


We Won Our First Mountain League Volleyball Game

My boyfriend helped me come up with the name, like it?

beach volleyball
Marquette Mountain Volleyball

After a short captains meeting we were sent off to our courts to play some volleyball. We were playing Vango’s and I won the coin toss (choose what hand the rock was in) and got the first serve. We got down early about 5-11 but we came back to win 15-14! It’s best two of our three so we had another one to go.

The second game was the same way. We were down about 0-7 and we came back after our “stop sucking” cheer. But we still ended up losing 13-15. We decided we wouldn’t be so tired if we stopped laughing so much. But we really had a blast! We were diving and rolling and dancing and we were the loudest team there!

The third game was about 3-10 them and we picked it up again and WE WON 15-11! My roommate screamed..with one point to go thinking we already won, hilarious! But everyone played great and we had a lot more fun than I thought we would have since our team is a random group of people.

So we are 1-0, a perfect record so far : ) I’ll let you know how next week’s game goes!



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