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UPHA Horse Show Tomorrow


Speed Events Here We Come!

quarter horse
My horse Blaze <3

I am pumped! I am going home tonight to ride and practice for our first speed event show of the year! My mom, my sister and I are going to the UPHA show that is going to be held at the Marquette C0unty Fairgrounds this weekend.

There is going to be everything from halter to showmanship, English and Western pleasure, reining, trail, hunter hack, and of course the speed events: barrels, flags, pole bending, scuda hole, plug, pole roll and homerun. We will be in all of them!

The show starts at 8:30 a.m. with weanling and yearling halter first and speed last. It is a two day show, so it will be Saturday, June 9 and Sunday, June, 10.

I’ll take pictures! Look for them on here!



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