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Our New Car


We Got a Newer Car

My boyfriend and I just purchased a new car! Well, newer car ; )

Chevy Malibu

It is a 2006 silver Chevy Malibu with very low miles on it! Which is what we need since we do sooo much running around! With a truck that gets 18 mpg’s this car will make a huge difference in our monthly budget! It get’s 35 miles to the gallon. An older man had the car before us so of course it is in tip top shape. It should last us a few years at least!

My car is hitting it’s last leg, so it will be nice to have this car on hand, even though my boyfriend will be driving it most of the time. But, I will get the truck then so it’s a win-win situation.

We were choosing between this car and a Pontiac G6…what?! Yea, but this one has less miles and gets 7 more miles to the gallon. That works out to $120 more in gas for the G6 each month.  The G6 is two years newer, but in the long run the Malibu is going to be the best car for us.




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