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A Bunch of Ribbons


Horse Show Results

My sister and I did great this past weekend, specially for only practicing the events once a couple days before the show.

horse racing
Left- My sister and Jenny, Right- Me and Blaze

I placed 3rd in the barrels, 4th in midwest flags and the plug race,  and 5th in poles.  My sister placed 3rd in the plug race. The announcer asked who was older and after telling her I was she replied with, “It’s OK my little sister beats me sometimes too.” Ha! She also beat me in poles placing 4th, but I don’t mind I’m glad she did good too!

My mom didn’t end up racing, she wants to practice more. She’s been out of it since she starting having us kids and just now getting back into racing. We are thrilled! She still holds records for speed events at arenas across the U.P.

The Great Lakes Rodeo is coming up this Father’s Day weekend and we are not showing in that. I’ll post when the next show is coming up.




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