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Jason Aldean Gets Swimming Ticket?


“Gimme A Break”- Aldean

Jason Aldean was swimming in water he had no problem with, but there was a double red-flag warning. So a policeman gave him and a 12 year-old a $100 ticket!!

Male country artist
Jason Aldean

Jason was upset so he posted it on Twitter. He questioned if the officer really had to pick two people out of the water, that was filled with 100 people, and ticket them. Then he posted a picture of the crowd to prove he wasn’t the only one.

“I know he was doin his job, but im pretty sure i wouldnt drown in knee deep water. Gimme a break!” Jason posted on Twitter.

Apparently people were getting fired up about the issue, so Jason tried to calm them down with a few more tweets and then finally put the issue to rest.

The tweets are pretty interesting! Check all of them out at The boot.com!!!


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