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Backwoods Ballers Suffer First Loss


We Lost Our Marquette Mountain Volleyball League Game Last Night

The weather was nice, it warmed up quite a bit from the chilly morning. The sun was up, which is always makes it a problem to see the ball, but I’m not complaining. We had a temporary player join us for the day, she was a cheerleader so she hasn’t played much volleyball, but she did really good! And we added another guy to our team. He hasn’t played much either, but he helped make it fun.

Sand volleyball

We won the first game coming back after getting ourselves warmed up. I ended up on the ground a lot in the first game. FUN, specially in the sand!!

The second game we were ahead, then we hit a bad streak and lost. And I don’t even want to mention the third game, but I will…we lost 15-0. Yup, we got skunked! Oh, well I am competitive but we had fun and that’s what makes it worth while.

I look forward to making up for this week next week though ; ) I’ll keep you posted!



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