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Chris Cagle on Father’s Day


‘Got My Country On’ Dad

Chris is a father of three girls Chloe who is 8, Stella is 2 and Piper is 1. Beside Chris’s dog and his horse, he is out numbered.

country music star
Chris Cagle

He trains horses, but says it is much different than raising children. He says he is the guy who can put anything together if it has instructions, but there is no “how-to guide” for children.

He really wants to step in and help them with everything the girls go through especially the tough stuff, but he knows that his greatest gift is letting them grown and learn themselves. He has big dreams like any dad, but his biggest hope is that he can raise three capable women who can take care of themselves.

“I know they’re gonna make some mistakes and some choices that are bad, but I truly hope that when I’m done and my children leave, that I produce young ladies that do not have to be married to anybody to feel like they’re taken care of,” Chris says.

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