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‘The One That Got Away’ Jake Owen Video Coming Soon


Behind The Scenes Footage of The Upcoming Video

Jake Owens latest video is coming out soon, but until then you can check out The Boot for some behind the scenes footage!

Country music star
Jake Owen

The video is shot on Cocoa Beach in Florida with surfing and Jake’s dog, Merle, since Jake was raised in Florida and loves the water. It is a biographical song that happened in Jake’s hometown when he was young. He said girls would come in with their families, stay for a few months and then head back north.

“They would always leave, and there’s this one girl in particular, I never saw her again,” Jake said, talking about his upcoming video.

The hit is going to be on his album “Barefoot Blue Jean Night” and he wrote the song himself.

Love the song, seems like we’re gonna love the video!




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