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Repair Tent For The Model A’s


The Model A Repair Tent In Downtown Marquette

Ken Mulholland was at the tent on west Washington St. today with his 1960 Model A.

MAFCA Repair Tent

He told me a lot of the Model A’s are coming from California and he is one of the ones that met up in Reno, Nevada to make the 5,600 mile to the U.P.

He said they try to keep it around 300 miles a day for the classic cars and they only go 50 miles per hour. Ken said some days turn out to be long days! Unfortunately he broke down in Wyoming, but he was able to load his car into a trailer for the rest of the trip AND he happened to find a Model A enthusiast in Wyoming with the parts he needed.

Today, Ken was replacing the output drive shaft on his car with a standard drive shaft. He’d been working for 2 hours and said that he would be working the rest of today and some of tomorrow. Still,  he was in a very cheery mood!

Ken said he happened to stumble upon the car over a decade ago when he bought it. Twelve years ago he started tearing it apart and remodeling it. That took 6 years and he’s been driving it ever since.

” I drove it for years. I drove it all through college and to work back and forth every day,” Ken said.

The 4-cylinder machines have about 40 horse power and no air conditioning or extras like today’s car, but Ken, like the rest of the Model A members, love their cars!

“You feel every bump in the road. Their fun,” Ken said.

Ken did not quite have the car apart at 1:30 today, but he hopes to have it running for the rest of the events during the week and so he can leave on Saturday.


Ken’s 1960 Model A
Ken Mulholland working on his 1960 Model A
The standard drive shaft that needs to be installed


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