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The Band Perry’s Upcoming Album


The Perry Siblings are Growing

Kimberley, Reid and Neil Perry are working on their second album with famed producer Rick Rubin, known for his work with the Dixie Chicks.

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The band is going for more of a “live” feel for this album compared to their first self-titled album from October, 2010. They said they are about halfway through completing the album and they are very excited about it.

“Our melody has grown up so much,” Kimberly told The Boot. “Mostly our delivery and the melody that we hear in our heads and in our hearts. Everybody we keep playing the rough mixes for is like, ‘It sounds like you guys are standing on this really cool edge.'”

They are writing songs about being on the road away from home, as well as stories they hear from fans. They are also going to release a new single from the album in the fall.

“Post Card From Paris” is at # 13 on the country music charts this week and climbing!!



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