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Backwoods Ballers 2 and 1


We Won!!

We’ll we have won our second match in Marquette Mountain’s B league volleyball! We got there are sat around until the other team was ready to play. We were kind of sloppy, missing our attacks and serves and we ended up losing the first match.

b league
Sand volleyball at the Mountain

The second game we got down early on, but then we came back to win the second game. Starting the third game we were finally warmed up. By the way, the clouds rolling in were so dark they were navy blue! It was crazy and distracting for some of our teammates!

We won by a landslide in the last game. It was 13-2, my serves were on actually, but we had a hard time getting our last two points. When we got them we celebrated, then decided to play another game for fun with the same team. We played so good!!

We decided that we need to warm up first, instead of sitting around before hand, and we would play great right off the back!

Congrats Backwoods Ballers! I look forward to our next game!


Photo from:  Volleyball Net by Anna Langova


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