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We Got Skunked- Backwoods Ballers


The Backwoods Ballers Are Now 2 and 5

Well, last night we had two matches in Marquette Mountain’s Wednesday night B-league volleyball and we lost all 4 games in the two matches.

marquette mountain volleyball league
Sand Volleyball

In the first game, I just seemed to be in the wrong place at the wrong time every time. If they hit the ball I was up close ready for a tip and if they tipped it I was waiting farther back for a hit. Wah!! It was rough, but we still managed to have fun..even though we are pretty competitive!

We had an hour to wait in between the games to get energized, but we still fell apart in the second match. But in our defense it was a team of lifeguards, you know the people who run around in sand all day! HA!

Anyways, we have the 4th of July off and then we come back with another double match night. Hopefully we can practice up before then and come back swinging!



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