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The Texaco Country Showdown Is Coming!


Enter the Texaco Country Showdown for the 4th of July Holiday

Check this out, the Texaco Country Showdown is where big names like Leann Rimes got their start in the country music scene!

Country singing competiton in the U.P.
The Texaco Country Showdown

If you can sing, or if you just like to sing country music, TRY IT!! You never know…this could be your big start!

The showdown is going to be Tuesday July 3rd, at noon at the Ishpeming Festival of Treasures, Thursday July 5th, at 6:30 p.m. at the International Food Fest in Marquette and Saturday August 4th, at 2 p.m. at Marquette Township’s Lyons Field.

It is only $20 to register and you could WIN $1000!! Sounds like a pretty good bargain to me. If you make it to the national finals you could win $100,000!!! And be a country music star!

Register at Michigan Sales and Equipment, a co-sponsor of the showdowns with the John Deere store in Marquette, at our studios (right next to Super One Foods) or at WFXD.com!!

It’s local, its cheap and best of all it’s fun! THIS IS YOUR CHANCE!!






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