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The Texaco Country Showdown is Tonight!


Great Lakes Radio’s Texaco Country Showdown was a Hit in Ishpeming Tuesday

Well Tuesday’s Texaco Country Showdown in Ispeming was a blast! Now we are headed to Marquette’s Lower Harbor to host the second local showdown at the International Food Fest!

“Concord Through Keys” at the Ishpeming Festival of Treasures Texaco Country Showdown

We have even more great singers for you and some awesome coupons to giveaway from the John Deere store in Marquette! You can come enjoy the music or you can sign up and sing for us!

Bring a friend and come enjoy the Texaco Country Showdown tonight at 6:30!

You can also register for our August 4th showdown at WFXD.com! Or sign up at tonight’s show!

This could be your big break, so sign up now!


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