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Another U.P.H.A. Horse Show This Weekend


The Silver Spur Saddle Club is Sponsoring The Upper Peninsula Horsemans Association Horse Show July 14th and 15th

The last U.P.H.A. show we went to was at the Marquette County Fair grounds, this weekend it will be at the Escanaba Fair grounds. It is being sponsored by the Silver Spur Saddle Club, Saturday July 14th and Sunday July 15th and it will start at 8:30 a.m.

There are classes for every type of horse person at the U.P.H.A shows!

U.P.H.A Horse Show at the Escanaba Fair Grounds July 14th and 15th
My horse Blaze is going to miss the U.P.H.A show this weekend as well!

The show will start with-

Weanlings and Yearlings Halter
Stallions 2 & Over (Optional Class)
Mares & Geldings 2 & 3
Mares 4 & Over
Geldings 4 & Over

Miniature Horse- Any sex/age
Color Halter Class
Solid Halter Class

Miniature Horse Trail
Lead Line Trail
Lead Line
Pleasure Driving
Junior & Senior Horse English Pleasure
English Pleasure
English Equitation
Hunter Hack- Open
Walk/Trot Pleasure
Junior & Senior Horse Western Pleasure
Western Pleasure
                                                                                                                     Western Horsemanship
Western Riding

Midwest Flags
Plug Race
Scuda Hole
Pole Bending
Pole Roll Back

I, unfortunately, cannot make it this time, I will be helping make hay at my parents and then house sitting while they go with my sister to Michigan State’s Orientation!!! But if you go let me know how it went or how you do!

For more information check out the U.P.H.A.!!


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