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Brand New Pistol Annies Video- ‘Taking Pills’


The Pistol Annies Have The Video Out For Their Latest Hit ‘Takin Pills’

All three Annies have there own vice in the video, Lonestar Annie is drinking, Holler Annie is smoking and Hippy Annie is taking pills.

The country trio the Pistol Annies new video "takin pills"
Hippie Annie, Holler Annie and Lonestar Annie: The Pistol Annies

Who’s who you ask? Miranda Lambert is Lonestar Annie because she was born and raised in Texas: the Lonestar state.

Ashley Monroe is Hippie Annie because she always wants everyone to be happy and calm. But she says she is still a redneck.

And Angaleena  Presley is Holler Annie because she grew up in a holler in Kentucky. Holler is a southern word coming from hollow meaning a hollowed our valley someone would live in down south.

So to learn more about the Pistol Annies and to WATCH THE “TAKIN PILLS” VIDEO CHECK OUT THEBOOT.COM!!!



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