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I Finally Potted Some B.E.A.UTIFUL Plants!


I’m a Little Late But I Finally Got My Plants Potted For The Summer!

I know I’m about a month late for potting season, but check out my beautiful plants!

My mom found the old milking cans that my great grandparents used on their farm, which we were the 3rd generation living there, for me to use as pots. We also found a very cute old teapot!

We drilled holes in the bottoms so I can’t over water them! There is still one pink plant in the back that needs to be potted. Actually they all need to be put into the ground when they die because they are perennials…opps : )


 I don’t know what they are called, but do you like them?!

All my beautiful plants!
My cute antique teapot!!


This one is Lavender!


My plants in the milking cans!


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