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Negaunee Pioneer Day Fireworks


Pioneer Days in Negaunee ended with a bang, literally, this past Saturday. It only took us about five minutes to park the car, which is surprising considering the hundreds of people that filled every street. We’ll we didn’t park in an actually parking space at Super One, so it probably would have taken us longer; everyone was just parking where ever anyways.

The Pioneer Days fireworks finale in Negaunee over Teal Lake
The Pioneer Days firework finale over Teal Lake in Negaunee!

We walked past people playing beanbag toss in their yards and into a cloud of firework smoke to get to the Teal Lake Shore. Everyone had glow sticks!

I sat with my boyfriend and our friends on the ground, ready to watch the fireworks. It was a perfect night as far as weather went, warm but not too humid. And we had a perfect spot! Some of the biggest fireworks were directly over our heads. We had to look straight up and we were prepared for debris, but he wind took it just enough so it didn’t hit us.

About quarter after 10 the show started. They were pretty well timed to hold everyone’s interest, but we knew everyone was waiting for the finale! And when it started everyone went crazy! It was awesome! One after the other, they were so bright and so loud, a great finale!

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Some beautiful Negaunee fireworks on July 14th
Some beautiful Negaunee fireworks!
A big Pioneer Day firework right over our heads!
A big one right over our heads!


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