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Great Lakes Radio’s 3rd Local Texaco Country Showdown at Skandia’s Community Day!


We had some great contestants from our Ishpeming Festival of Treasures, WPIQ’s Texaco Country Showdown, and our International Food Festival’s, WFXD showdown. And now we are looking for another winner! The WRUP Texaco Country Showdown is going to be this Saturday, July 21st, at the West Branch Recreation Center in Skandia. That 235 Sporley Lake Dr. Skandia, 49885. It starts at 7 p.m. and we want you to compete!

Jessie McPherson the Lower Harbor Texaco Country Showdown Winner from Iron River!
The July 5th International Food Festival WFXD Texaco Country Showdown Winner- Jessie McPherson!

We are going to see some singers from our previous showdowns take another shot at moving on to State Finals in Minnesota and we are so glad that they are returning; they are good!! And we hope they get their chance at stardom!

If you would like a chance to win $1000 dollars just by singing your favorite music, give me a call at Great Lakes Radio at 228-6800 and I’ll set you up! Right now we are doing a $20 dollar Applebees gift card for anyone who signs up for this Saturday’s showdown. That’s a 100% refund!!!

The thing that I like about the Texaco Country Showdown is that it is just a local, hometown, friendly competition right now. Yes, you can go on to the national finals and win the grand prize of $100,000, but by then you’ll be used to performing on stage. Each show gets a little bit bigger for you, in a way that you don’t even realize it until your comfortable in front of hundreds and thousands of people!

So call me know and I’ll refund your $20 registration with a $20 Applebees certificate from the Shopping Show/ UPBargains.com!!!

This is your chance!!

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