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Josh Thompson is Looking for a New Label


Josh Thompson’s latest single “Comin’ Around” was release right before he left RCA Records Nashville. He left on good terms and sounded like he wanted to try something different.

Josh Thompson needs a new label after leaving RCA Records of Nashville
Photo Courtesy JoshThompsonOfficial.com

“There’s a lot of songs that represent not only looking ahead, but you’re looking back and are trying to fix some of the things that you didn’t do right,”Josh told The Boot.

He talked about the ability to come “full circle” which sounds like where the name “Comin’ Around” came from. He reassured fans not to worry because there’s still partying on the CD.

“Comin’ Around” reached number 30 on the country music charts and it is the single off his second studio album is entitled “Change.” Not sure when it will be out, we’ll have to wait and see who he signs with!

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