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The Backwoods Ballers Win at Marquette Mountain


My volleyball team, the Backwoods Ballers, won again this past Wednesday during the Marquette Mountain’s Wednesday night B league volleyball games.

Marquette Mountan Volleyball Wednesday July 18th- The Backwoods Ballers win!!
Marquette Mountain B League Wednesday Night Beach Volleyball

I was worried about having enough players because we were three short of our usual and I was unsure if I could make it, since I was house sitting at my parents farm. I made arrangements and stayed in town for the game and we found another person to play with us. Then our last was going to be late, so it almost worked out : )

We played really well our first game, hitting and diving, we didn’t missing anything. We won that match 13-2!

But, as usual, we fell apart in the second game and lost!! After beating them by 11! But our sixth player got there during our second game, just in time to help us win the third and take home another win for our team!

We do not have a game next week, but we have two coming up on August 1st. Then tournament play!

Right now our record is 4-4! We are 500 and hopefully moving up!




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