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WRUP Texaco Country Showdown Tonight!


I will be headed down to the West Branch Recreation Center in Skandia tonight to help run the WRUP Texaco Country Showdown!!

WRUP Texaco Country Showdown tonight at the West Branch Recreation Center in Skandia
The Texaco Country Showdown TONIGHT at 7 p.m.!!

We have some fabulous performers coming to put on a show for us at 7 p.m. Some of them are coming back from our other competitions and we are so glad because they were the runners up to our previous winners and they deserve another chance.

The Rec Center is right off of Highway 41 on Kreiger Dr. in Skandia. There’s a big green sign if you are heading out from Marquette on the right. If your coming from the Trenary way, you can take a left on Kreiger Dr.

It is going to be a fun time, I love small town festivities like this. Outside in the beautiful weather, enjoying the country company and listening to great country music. You can sign up when you get there too, if you decide you want to become a country music star!!

Come out and say HI!!



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