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Jason Aldean’s Opener on Opening Act


Opening Act is on ABC at 10 p.m. Monday nights and you should watch it because it’s good!

Opening Act on ABC
Jason Aldean

16 year-old Kylie Morgan got a chance to open for Jason Aldean. It showed her journey from getting a song two days before the show, to learning it, getting a makeover, and meeting stars along the way.

Dierks Bentley walked out while Kylie was touring the Grand Ole Opry and she also got to meet Luke Bryan, another one of Jason Aldean’s openers.

She struggled a little through “boot camp” but she made it through and did a great job on stage singing her own song! Then Jason Aldean went back to meet her and tell her how good she did. Wow! What a journey, and we got to watch it! Her charity even got a donation in her name!

I will tune in again next Monday!


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