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Huge Weekend at the Alger County Fair


It’s that time of year again…first the Alger County Fair in Chatham tomorrow, then the Marquette County Fair at the fairgrounds in Sands, August 10th, and then finally the U.P. State Fair down in Escanaba on August 13th!

4-H animals
Our pigs, when they were little, now they are 240 pounds and ready for the fair!

I will be down at the Alger County fairgrounds as much as I can and I will also be racing with my sister during the speed events at the Alger County Fair, Friday night!

It is my older brother’s birthday Friday and also my very good friend Chelsey’s!! We are celebrating Casey’s Friday at the fair and Saturday we are going to Mackinac Island to celebrate Chelsey’s. My boyfriend and I are going to miss the parade and the homecoming dance, but Mackinac Island will be fun too!

My sister will be showing her pig as well, but my brother won’t be since he is in a full leg cast : (  But we have a wheel chair to push him around in : )

Let me know if you go down to the fairgrounds! It is going to be a blast!


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