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Backwoods Ballers- In the Toilet Bowl


Well, we are 6-5 now in Marquette Mountain’s B league sand volleyball.

Marquette Mountain Volleyball
We love volleyball!

We had our first round of tournament play this past Wednesday, it was actually a bit cooler for a change but still nice!

Of course, this happened to be the only game that we were short people for. We had four girls, my sister and my friend and her sister. We did good and stayed in the game for the most part, but we just had one to many errors.It was fun diving and running for everything with less people and we got a good work out too!

We were joking that we were “half way to the olympics” with four people instead of two.

Since we lost, we will play next week in the losers tournament or “toilet bowl.” If we win we will play again for a chance to be the toilet bowl champs!

It will be tough though because my sister and I will be down at the U.P. State Fair and during the game I will be at the Eli Young Concert, so we need more people!

I’ll keep you posted on how our team does!


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