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Noah’s Ark Weekend!


I got to go to America’s largest water park, Noah’s Ark in Wisconsin Dells, yesterday and it was so great!

I have never been to the outside water slides at the Dells, just the inside ones during winter break in high school. So this time, my boyfriends cousin was home from the Air Force and a bunch of us got tickets to the park.

First off..it is huge! There are so many different rides you just have to cruise all day to try and make it to all of them. We came pretty close to riding all of them before it closed, but we missed the Scorpion Tail, which does a loop : O and The Point of No Return, which is vertical drop, since we saved the best for last.

I guess were going to have to go back soon to ride those two!

If you want some Noah’s Ark tickets all you have to do is go to U.P. Bargain.com and choose $100 of products. Then you will get four tickets for free!! Yes, for free!

Go get your tickets, the season ends soon and you do not want to miss out on this one!

America's Largest Water Park
Get yourself some tickets and GO!



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