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A Great Vacation


I was able to take a little vacation this past Wednesday through Sunday and I went to the Eli Young Band Concert and Drummond Island!

First of all, my sister and brother showed their pigs at the fair and did great! That night I was going to the Eli Young Band Concert at the U.P. State Fair with my boyfriend when I realized I lost my tickets. After talking to many people, I was sent to the fair office to have them print more tickets, but the internet was down.

They ended up giving us front row seat tickets for being so patient : ) We got to stand up next to the stage for the entire concert!

Then we were off to Drummond Island for my boyfriend’s brother’s wedding. It was beautiful out there, and with no cell phone reception it was a true vacation!

The whole family was there and the wedding was beautiful. The rain held off just long enough too! We got to tour the island a bit, which is very woodsy with lots of log cabins, and we got to golf on at an airport!

My boyfriends best man speech was amazing as well!


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