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No New Album Lined Up for Eric Church


Eric Church released him latest album “Chief” more than a year ago and he doesn’t have plans set for another album anytime soon.

"Chief" last album for a while for Eric Church
Eric Church

“I’m not anywhere close to a next album,” Eric told Billboard. “I’m not in a hurry. I’m never in a hurry to make records, never will be. I’m waiting on the creative process to tell me what’s next. I’m not going to be an artist who just makes records so the [label] can make its quarterly numbers or just to support a tour. That’s the worst reason in the world to make music. I still think there has to be evolution … and it would be very disappointing for us to come to the point we’ve come to and not have that next record show great evolution, because I think the best bands and best artists do that.”

It sounds like Eric is making music the right way, even if we do have to wait a while for it!

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