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How Was Your Labor Day?


I hope your Labor Day was great! I sure had a good weekend!

Trail cam photos
The biggest bear we have on camera!

My Labor Day weekend started out with the Ishpeming Hematite’s first varsity football home game. It was a beautiful day and fun! Eric Dompierre scored his first extra point kicking a field goal!

On Saturday my boyfriend and I baited bear blinds for the season that is coming up September 10th.  We got to see family and finish the closet at my boyfriends house..finally!

On Sunday, we got a lot of yard and house work done that has been overdue! I feel good about that! We got go visit family and pick up building supplies for a small add-on for my boyfriends house and make plans for that. It might sound like work, but it was really fun shopping around!

Monday we baited bear blinds again and got to relax a little bit. Overall, it was a very productive and fun long weekend!

Let me know how your weekend went!



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