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The Hitchhikers Are Out!!


It was a beautiful day to go on a horse ride yesterday. The temperature was just about 70, the sun was out and the wind wasn’t bad, so my mom and I went out on the trails.

Last time we noticed a lot of little, green burs on the beginning of our trail, so we knew the hitchhikers were out!

We went around our neighbors field and through the woods a little bit, then we decided to see  how our corn was coming up on the back of our land. I “blazed” the way (my horses name is Blaze) and then my mom said,” OO man! His tail is covered!”

I was walking through the corner of our field, which turned out to be a cluster of burs! My mom’s horse barely got any because I took them all on the first ride through.

When we got back to the barn, we fed the horses and I began to comb out the burs. It took me a solid 40 minutes to get them all out!

The hitchhikers are better than the burdock burs (the circle brown ones) because they don’t break apart into little pieces, but they do stab into your fingers if you squeeze them to hard!

So, even though the burs are out we are still going to ride, we’ll just have to plan more time for brushing at the end!

Horse riding with burs
And that’s only the front side of his tail!


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