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Lions Win!


Well, most people here at Great Lakes Radio are Green Bay Packers fans, but there is a select few of us (about three) that are Detroit Lions fans!

Detroit Lions Win
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I only got to see the last quarter of the game Sunday and the Lions looked good, they were completing passes and moving up the field. I was told, however, that the first three quarters were not played so well.

Either way, Lions fans have to be loyal and we are happy for the win to start off the season 1-0!

Their next game will be Sunday the 16th against the San Francisco 49ers, which should be a tough game after their showing against the Packers.

My family, my boyfriend and I are going to Ford Field to watch the Lions take on the Packers on November 18th! We are all Lions fans, except for my boyfriend, who is a Packer fan. It will be extra fun!




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