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Casey James Donates His Hair


Casey James got 3rd on the 9th season of American Idol and now he’s climbing the charts with his brand new hit, “Crying on a Suitcase.”

Locks of love
*Photo Courtesy CaseyeJames.com*

It turns out that Casey and I share something dear at heart. He and I both donated to Locks of Love, a organization that takes hair donations and makes wigs for cancer patients who have lost theirs.

“My family has been really affected by cancer,” Casey told The Boot. “My Nana died of cancer, my Pawpaw passed away May 11 of last year of cancer. My mom is a two-time cancer survivor, breast and thyroid. That’s just some of it; there are a lot of instances in my family.”

I actually have a lot of cancer in my family too, so my sister, my cousin, and I all donated hair to Locks of Love back in middle school. We actually donated about 7 feet of hair between the three of us!!

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    • Thanks Laura! You’re right, I was talking about Bucky while writing this and I get the two confused all the time. I have made the corrections. Thanks for reading!

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