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Great News For Blake Shelton Fans – His Fan Club is Now Free!


The “BS’ers” will now have free membership to the Blake Shelton fan club!

Blake says nothing will change for the members, they will still get pre-sale tickets, opportunities for meet-and-greets, and all the perks but they will not have to pay to be in the club anymore!

“All the hard-core BS’ers out there, I don’t want you going, ‘Oh my God!'” Blake told Country Weekly. “It’s not going away. It’s gonna be better. It’s gonna be free, and there’s gonna be all the details on the website, on blakeshelton.com very soon. It’s really not a big deal. It’s just gonna be free from now on, and I think that’s pretty cool, especially with the way the economy is today.”

That sounds great to me!

For more go to theboot.com!!

Blake Shelton's fan club now free
Blake Shelton



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