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Great Lakes Radio Sure Knows How to Throw a Party!

Rec Depot and Great Lakes Radio Hot Tub Giveaway
What a great time!

After getting everyone registered at 6:30 p.m. at the Country Lanes and Entertainment Center in Ishpeming the fun started!

Mama Russo’s food was great; especially the lasagna! We had some great door prizes from our sponsors, that the guests were very happy with!  There were also 21 big prizes to giveaway to finalists. I choose the 21 finalists with Major Discount and everyone got to throw a dart to see what prize they received!

Some people were good dart throwers, but other…let’s just say we stepped aside!

It was fun tricking the crowd when the hot tub was not one of the 21 prizes. We brought Lonnie, owner of the Rec Depot and the hot tub we were giving away, up, blind folded him and he got to throw a dart. It was difficult to do blind folded, but he eventually got it. The crowd thought it was hilarious!

Lonnie hit number 18 and Debbie Tarvainen of Lake Linden won the grand prize of a $5000 Hot Tub Prize Package!!

Congratulations to Debbie and a HUGE thank you to all of our sponsors and everyone who helped out with out Hot Tub Giveaway!

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