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We Tracked a Bear Last Night

Bear hunting
The bear we tracked. She scooping the food out of the feeder and eating.

Have you even gone bear hunting?

My boyfriend and his cousin have been bear hunting all week, but they don’t use rifles. They use bows!

That means we sit in tree stands, 20-30 yards away from the bait pile and wait for bears to come in. I have only seen one so far, but they’ve told stories about cubs playing at the bottom of their trees and the mother bears starring them down.

On my way home I got this text: Levi just shot one!

Twenty minutes later I was home. We watched the video and seen which direction the black bear headed. The shot was low and it looked like a female bear. She was short and round, with a small head. I laced up my boots, grabbed a hoodie, a flashlight and the camera and we head out. The boys had guns; they have also told stories of finding bears alive, that charged them!

We got in the woods around 8 p.m. and it was dark. We followed the bears blood trail into the woods and it go so thick we were almost crawling to make it through the brush. It was pretty scary knowing that you could walk up on the bear at any minute!

We heard some rustling and kept following the blood trail, moving towards the noise. Then we came up on a fallen tree that looked like a burrow.

My boyfriend looked inside of it and I heard, “Get your gun!”

There was no bear, but the possibility that it was going to spring out was enough for me!

We followed the trail for about 45 minutes until we couldn’t go any farther. Then we decided we needed to find our way back before it got to late. We had to track our way back and it took us a good 30 minutes to find our way out! This time we marked our trail (we should have marked it going in, but we were too excited). We would go back in the morning.

This morning we couldn’t find anything to help us track the bear, no blood,  not tracks, no trails, no broken branches! I don’t know how a 200 pound bear made it through the dense brush without breaking branches or leaving a trail.

The hunt is over, but you can’t give up. That is part of hunting, sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t.





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