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‘You’re kidding me? Tonight? Really? No,’ – Darius Rucker

Newest Grand Ole Opry Member
Darius Rucker

Brad Paisley invited Darius Rucker to be a Grand Ole Opry member in a surprising way!

At last nights performance Brad hosted a fake question-and-answer session with Darius in front of the crowd when he “popped the question.”

“My question is in two parts,” Brad said. “Are you still the worst poker player in the world? …Other question is would you like to be the newest member of the Grand Ole Opry?”

Shocked Darius replied with, “You’re kidding me? Tonight? Really? No.”

But then Brad reminded him what he was asking and he said of course he would.

Congratulations Darius for becoming the Grand Ole Opry’s newest member!

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