The Punch Brothers

If you do not know who the Punch Brother’s are you will be looking them up after this story!

Chris Thile, the Punch Brother’s frontman, got a phone call while traveling with his parents that he chose to ignored. He didn’t know that the phone call was going to change his life. The phone kept ringing but Chris didn’t andswer.  He and his tour manager finally listened to a voice mail that said the matter was of “great importance.” They tracked the number to the MacArthur Foundation.

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The bluegrass group consists of mandolin player Chris, fiddle and violin player Gabe Witcher, Noam Pikelny on the banjo, guitarist Chris Eldridge, and bass player Paul Kowert.

Punchbrothers.com has more on the group, along with their tour dates and music!

For a video of the Punch Brothers go to theboot.com.

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