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Bear Hunting Success!

Black bear hunting!

Bear hunting in the U.P.
180 pound male black bear!


For the second day in a row I got a call that there was a “bear down,” as the boys say.

Around 7:20 p.m. last night my boyfriend called me and let me know that he had shot a bear. The night before we searched for a bear that his cousin had shot but we never found it.

This time he said they had heard  him fall not far from the blind; they knew we would find this one!

I got to my house and we watched the video, sure enough he hit it perfect! I bundled up for another trek in the woods. This time it was only my boyfriend, his cousin and I.

When we got out to the blind it was pitch black, of course, and we started tracking the bear. With the amount of blood on the ground we knew he couldn’t be far. The boys pulled out their guns and got ready to find a live bear. We tracked the bear for about 30 yards before we saw him laying on the ground. My boyfriend nudged him…he was dead.

I had the camera out, video taping the track and the excitement of finding the bear. Then came the hard part..dragging the 250 pound bear out of the woods. I held three flashlights, videotaped and found the trail out while the boys struggled to move the bear foot by foot. After about 15 minutes we were finally back to the blind.

The next challenge was getting the bear into the back of our Polaris Razer. The guys lifted his back end up and had me hold on to him while they tried to lift his front end. They couldn’t do it and I ended up loosing my grip. I thought we could get a log to prop the bear up little by little, but they had the better idea of tying a rope around the bear and having me pull the slack while they inched the bear higher and higher. That plan worked!

After tying down the bear, the three of us piled on the Razer and headed back to our grandparents. Half way back the bears foot came loose behind us and it nailed me in the back! Scary, even if your sure it’s dead. The paws were as big as my face!

After showing everyone at his grandparents we headed to the butcher shop around 10:20 p.m. They weighed the male black bear and it was 180 pounds gutted out! A very nice bear!

My boyfriend is getting a rug and a skull mount for all his hard work and we both will get to enjoy bear steaks, bear summer sausage and bear jerky sticks!

It was a victory for us all!


  1. Nice job…too bad you couldn’t drive the Razor into the woods to drag that critter out; 200 lbs. of dead weight is a chore!!! = : )

  2. great job on the bear Tanner! It’s always a great hunt when shared with family and friends. Some good eating as well,
    The rug will be great near the fireplace!
    Again congrats!


    Need to trying couple of those sticks and couple pieces of sausage!!!


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