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Taylor Swift Planning Kids College Funds

Richest celebrity under 30 years old
Taylor Swift

According to Forbes magazine, Taylor Swift is the richest under-30 celebrity and she ranks number three on the charts, right behind Oprah Winfrey and Britney Spears.

She made $57 million dollars in just one year after releasing “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together!” But she says that she doesn’t pay attention to the money.

“I just wake up every day and go about my life and do what’s on the schedule.” Taylor told Marie Claire UK magazine. “I don’t think in terms of how much money it’s making.”

Taylor wants at least four kids and thinks that college for them would be a great use of her money. Her other plan is to possibly raise her future clan number since she can afford it!

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Taylor’s latest album “Red” comes out October 22nd!




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