Yooper Pumpkins!

We had fun!

Last night we finally got a chance to carve pumpkins!

I wanted to get my pumpkins done before the day before Halloween like last year, so we could have them as decorations longer. My boyfriend and I went to visit my parents and we stopped and got pumpkins on the way. $3 for a nice, bright orange, strong, big pumpkin and $1 for three decorative gourds! It was very cool that they just left a money box on the side of the road and trusted people to be honest with their purchase. We were!

We got two nice pumpkins and three little gourds. After visiting my parents we headed back to carve pumpkins.

I had a great idea to carve a whitetail buck, so I let my boyfriend carve it since he couldn’t think of anything : ) And I went with the traditional “Happy Halloween!”

How’d they turn out??