Beaver Island Wedding Weekend!

Lake Michigan
Beaver Island!

This weekend my boyfriend and I went to Beaver Island for one of my good friends weddings!

We drove to Charlevoix, Michigan to Island Airways where we had our flight booked. Our plane was an eight seater, but with weight restrictions we only had 7 on the plane, minus the captain…who looked like Vince Vaughn.

We took off and started our 15 minute flight. Those little planes are not very smooth and with the rain storm we were experiencing some turbulence. We were in the second to last seat, so the fishtailing was noticeable!

It was very cool to see the coast line and the water from what I’m guessing to be 150 feet, which was still low enough to see everything!

After 15 minutes we could see Beaver Island and all the fall colors. It was awesome! We landed in a field and got off the plane where our ride was waiting to bring us to the reception.

Once we unpacked in our hotel room, we got ready and headed over to the reception hall. It was beautiful, purple fabrics and flowers everywhere. Did I mention the family was Irish?

A bagpiper lead the Bride and Groom in! Brenna, the bride, looked beautiful! After the meal, which was delicious, the Irish band got on stage and played traditional songs. Everyone sang along and jigged! The bridesmaids even lined up and did a traditional Irish Jig for the guests!

I got to meet a lot of her family and friends and we had a great time! That was the first time I had been to a traditional Irish wedding and it was everything I expected it to be!!

The next day, Brenna gave us a short tour of the island before we got on our ferry. Planes were delayed and the ferry almost was too because of the storm. Our ferry ride was two hours of rocking, but only a couple people got sick so I think it was successful!

After such a fun weekend we are definitely going back to Beaver Island soon!

Congratulations Brenna and Tim!!