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Miranda Lambert is a Thanks-giving Inspiration

Thanksgiving inspirations with country stars
Mr. Blake Shelton

No, we haven’t had Halloween yet, but Thanksgiving comes so fast it seems to be the day after, so here is a story about Miranda Lambert to get you into the thanks-giving spirit!

Since their marriage in 2011, Miranda and Blake Shelton, have only spent 5 months together and they had to deal with the death of Blake’s father, one of Miranda’s close friends and one of their dogs.

Miranda is on the November cover for the “Good Housekeeping” magazine and she talked about how their careers effect their holidays.

“Blake will be in L.A. working for ‘The Voice,'” Miranda said. “So I’ll be buying pumpkins and hay bales somewhere in that crazy city and putting them on the porch.” Then Miranda will head to her families and in-laws for the holiday. “We’re real traditional. Football, turkey, and stuffing. Blake’s mom makes ham and the best baked beans ever. My dad’s been deep-frying the turkey, which is sometimes wild turkey, because we hunt. I do the green bean casserole, with cream of mushroom soup and fried onions on the top, and a sweet potato casserole.”

Even though they are having to change their plans around and things might not go as they had hoped, Miranda still looks at the positive.

“People always look for a reason to hammer you for something, whether it’s your weight or your marriage,” Miranda told “Good Housekeeping”. “Blake and I have reached that point, and I hate that, but we need to be thankful to be out there living our dream, playing music for a living. If I complain about being apart, I think about military families and realize I have an amazing life. I’m so grateful for the people in my life: my family, my husband, my team around me, and my friends. The rest is icing on the cake.”

Next time you get down when things don’t work out or plans change use Miranda as inspiration, think about the military families and be thankful!

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