Kissy Poo is available for adoption at upaws.org!

Are you giggling along with me? Those Persian cats get me every time with their flat faces and if you’ve ever seen one eat you’ll laugh harder thinking about it.

Kissy Poo is at UPAWS and she needs a home. If I could I would take every animal in the shelter and give them a happy home with me, but my family says I’m not allowed to do that. So, I need you to go to UPAWS.org and look at the animals there, I have enough for now..I guess..but I couldn’t pass up the chance to show you Kissy Poo.

Read all about Kissy Poo here!

Or go to upaws.org to find yourself a forever friend! Right now UPAWS is doing the “Treats No Tricks” adoption event; only $45 for a kitten and $25 or less for a cat. Dogs are also 25% off!




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