Partridge hunting
My boyfriend’s and cousin’s birds!

This weekend, I didn’t get to ride my horse, but I did get a lot of projects done around the house and got to go partridge hunting with my boyfriend!

Walking around our property we saw our first Partridge, to late, and it ran into the woods. We didn’t hear it fly off, but we couldn’t see it anywhere. It is amazing how camouflage the birds can be with their perfectly adapted feathers next to the leaves.

A little further up the path, we saw another one headed into the woods and we followed it. In hot pursuit, one jumped up from out feet and we got it! We did lose the one we were following however.

We changed locations and found another bird out by one of our hunting blinds, but it flew off to quick. When you shoot them in the air and they fall in the woods, they can be impossible to find without a dog!

So we only ended up with one Partridge, but my boyfriend and his cousin got 19 during the season’s opening week! I got three during one outing last year. I can deal with one for now, but we’ll have to go out again soon!

Do you know any good Partridge recipes?