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New Music From Garth Brooks?

New country music from a legend
Photo courtesy: garthbrooks.com

Garth Brooks hints that new music could be in store for his fans after his Las Vegas residency of three years ends!

Garth is one of the Grand Ole Opry’s newest members and his family is very supportive of him continuing his career in the country music scene.

Garth told the Huffington Post, “It will be fun. We’ve got our youngest baby [Allie], this is her junior year, and she’s really in touch. Now, down from three to one [at home], you spend a lot more time with that one. She’s in on every plan. She knows all the decisions. She’s really well-educated in what’s going on.”

Wife, Trisha Yearwood, said she thinks her step-daughter just wants them out of the house.

“I think she’s ready for us to go on the road because she’ll be home by herself,” Trisha joked. “She’s doing every after-school activity you can do. ‘You don’t just want to sit and stare at us?’ It’s really fun.”

It sounds like Garth and Trisha are in a very good spot in their lives right now and they have a plan. We’ll have to wait and see what Garth comes up with for new music!

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