New country group - The Villains

Guitar Strings by Petr Kratochvil

“The Villain’s” members are actually session musician’s for other artists, but now they are their own musicians.

“We’re all go-to guys in Atlanta. Studio work, live stuff – you name it. If someone needs someone to come in and lay down keys, guitars, drums, we’re there,” Bassist Dan Call told The Boot.  “We actually came together after we met backing a country singer named Keni Thomas.”

Dan said Keni took the group on tour with him because he didn’t want session guys he didn’t know anything about. After the tour the group started playing gigs and demoing their songs. The next thing they knew “The Villains,” “Just Another Saturday Night” album debuted in 2010.

Now with a national following their second album, “Velocity” came out earlier this year and is gaining fan support. The rock, power pop and Americana melodies make it work.

Go to for tour dates and their music! has more.

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