My boyfriend and I went out hunting Thursday morning around 6:30. We only saw one doe, but we heard lots of shots.

I’m not much of a morning person, so I slept most of the morning, but I wasn’t aware it how cold it was so it worked out. After that we got some breakfast and baited the blinds for that evening.

Around 2:30 p.m. we got bundled up again for the evening hunt. In the blind we played the Yahtzee handheld game, and ate bologna and cheese sandwiches. Immediately after we finished eating, my boyfriend noticed movement. I looked to my left and said, “There he is!”

Unbelievably quietly and quickly, he got his gun moved from our front window to our right window and got the buck in his sights. I had the camera recording. The deer looked huge, but it was standing behind a tree, covering his front shoulder completely. My boyfriend said,” He just needs to take one step forward.”

He was starring at us, ready to bolt!

“I’m going to shoot him in the neck.”

I didn’t question him, even though I wasn’t sure myself.


Well, I flinched with the camera, but he dropped him on the spot. 40 yards away was a very nice 7 point buck!

We brought it back to camp to add it to the buck pole. Grandpa got a nice 8 point that morning, Dad got a very nice 8 and my Uncle got an 8 point. The best opening day…ever!

Congratulations to my boyfriend and everyone who got their buck already! Hopefully now it’s my turn!

Opening day 2012
Woo Hoo!!

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