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Another Hunting Success Story


Another nice buck for the family!

Last Wednesday night, on Thanksgiving Eve, I was driving home from the Great Lakes Radio station talking to my boyfriend. All of a sudden in mid-conversation he said, ” Uncle Terry just texted me ‘BBD bring the trailer and the four wheeler’!”

BBD stands for “BIG BUCK DOWN.” We Weren’t sure if he was kidding or not, but turns our he wasn’t.

When I got home I grabbed a string-cheese and jumped in the truck. We were headed to Rock. When we got to the field, Terry was walking out of his blind road. We unloaded the 4-wheeler, I grabbed flash lights, and the three of us piled on the machine to make the trek into the woods.

Terry said the buck never came in very close, he was chasing a doe. The deer was nervous, so he decided to shoot the long distance shot…he couldn’t wait any longer. He dropped it.

When we finally made it back to the spot, we got a look at the deer…it was huge. The biggest deer I had ever seen! An eleven-pointer.

I had to stand on the front of the 4-wheeler, while they lifted the buck onto the back of it, so it wouldn’t flip over. With the deer on the back, my boyfriend did wheelies all the way of out the woods.

Back at our grandparents, they weighed the massive deer and it  turned out to be 160 pounds dressed! We took pictures and sent pictures out to show all the family.

What a great Thanksgiving harvest!

Congratulations Terry!

Deer season in the U.P.
What a buck!


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