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‘Southern Comfort Zone’ Video Premiere



Brad Paisley’s new video for “Southern Comfort Zone” is out!

I just watched it and it’s pretty crazy/awesome! He basically flew around the world to get all the shots. There was no green-screen used in the video, it is all real footage.

Pay attention to Brad’s shirt in the video…it blends into his guitar! He changes his jacket a bunch of times as well! I like how they tell you all the stats also, it feels like you are part of a video process, almost like it’s a low-cost video. But with that many miles under their belts I’m sure it wasn’t.

And if you want to see what the object is on his shirt…make sure you go to bradpaisley.com/…its a very cool website!

Go to bradpaisley.com/news/southern-comfort-zone-official-music-video-2948 to watch the video!


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