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Almost Made Walt Lindala’s News Headlines – Host of The Country Scoop in Ditch

Toyota Tundra
My truck

What a storm we are having!

This morning was my first big snow storm to drive in with a truck…wah! First off, I didn’t have it in 4-wheel drive. Didn’t need it..or so I thought.

It was snowing pretty good, but you could see a good 100 yards ahead and the road just had snow gusts moving across it. I was going 55 mph and people were flying past me!

In Skandia, a couple of us got behind this bucket truck going 35 mph! The truck ahead of me waited for a passing lane and flew past him, so I decided to scooch over. I was still only going 40 mph and the passing lane had just a bit more snow.

My back end flew out from behind me and I was almost completely sideways in the road, but I counter-steered and let off the gas. Then I fishtailed the other way, then back again, and again and again and again!! I ended up sliding towards the bucket truck, I started to pump my brakes. Finally, I was able to get it back under control and straighten out.

Wah…scary! I stayed behind the 35 mph truck until Marquette.

I’ll drive in 4-wheel drive in the snow from now on!



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